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Difficult Role Playing Games

Whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer, it can be satisfying and exciting to challenge yourself. There is a wide range of online RPGs that you can play, offering a broad range of difficulty levels, from the not-too-taxing to the outrageously challenging. Some games have an extremely high learning curve and deal out heavy punishments when the player is killed. toughrpg RuneScape claims to be the largest and most popular online role playing games of the moment, with over 175 million user accounts, but it also has a claim to being one of the most challenging. It is very easy to become immersed in the game, but some of the opponents in-game are exceptionally difficult. In particular, boss fights can be a problem even for players of combat levels higher than 90. Ministry of War, one of the most immersive online RPGs, is constantly being renewed with new content. One of its most recent expansions, The Arcadian Ladder, challenges players to battle their Heroes against progressively more difficult Bosses, for increasingly epic bonuses and loot. Equally, Apoklayx, a turn-based online role playing game, is all about combat, and players who fail to properly manage their stats or choose enemies smartly will find it a difficult game. Legends of Elveron is an even more detailed and rich online game, but it is a particularly difficult RPG for new players because of the stats and calculations required for tactical offense and defense, and because it is text-based and has a very different feel to more graphics-heavy online RPGs. Some of the tasks players meet along the way are exceptionally challenging and may require multiple attempts to formulate a suitable strategy. Some games have particular elements that are designed to be challenging. For example, DragonSoul, a 3D MMORPG which draws inspiration from ancient Asian mythology, places a lot of emphasis on combat and requires players to invest significant amounts of time and resources into locating components to craft better weapons that will give them the edge over their opponents, giving the game a steeper difficulty curve.

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