Some Facts about Slot Machines

Slot Machines

some-facts-about-slot-machinesA slot machine is essentially a gambling machine used in casinos. These devices are known as fruit machines in Britain and Puggy in Scotland. The slot machine game is also referred to as a Poker machine or simply slots in New Zealand and Australia, respectively. How do you play it? Simple, you push a button marked ‘spin’.

Banditry may not be such a bad thing as slot machines may sometimes be referred to as ‘one-armed’ bandits.

This term was coined from the history of using a lever placed on the side, as opposed to the up front button.

It was also nicknamed so because these machines made the gamers go into debt. Many slot machines today still sport this legacy lever, besides the standard ‘spin’ button. In fact, these devices constitute around 70 percent of the average income of casinos in America.

How Slot Machines Work

All slot machines come equipped with a currency detector to validate the cash inserted into the slot before playing. These machines pay off the players, according to the patterns of the symbols that appear on the front panel, as it stops spinning.

You can play a slot machine by inserting money in what is called Ticket-In/Ticket-Out machine. It uses a paper ticket containing a bar code into the groove. After this, it is activated using a button or lever. However, in the latest slot machines, you just press a touchscreen on the front. There is no skill involved in playing slot machines, as it is a game involving pure chance. However, to some players it gives the feeling that the games require skill.

The Object of Playing Slot Machines

You play a slot machine to win cash from it. The game entails matching symbols on spinning mechanical reels, and as these reels come to a stop, several symbols appear on the front panel. The spinning reels can also be simulated on a display panel screen.

The symbols come in various shapes such as fruits, letters, numerals, diamonds, hearts, bells, animated cartoon characters and images of famous singers or actors.

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