Reel Spinning Slots and Video Slots

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reel-spinning-slots-and-video-slotsThere are various types of slot games, but the most popular of them all are nickel and penny video games as well as dollar and quarter reel-spinning games. You can also play online video slot games in the denominations of 2 cents, 10 cents, a quarter, and also one dollar and reel spinners with a maximum of $100. Almost all reel spinners accept two/three coins, and as for video slots, you can use anything ranging from 45, 90, to even as much as 500 credits.

Playing Reel Spinning Slots

Most video slot machines are equipped with currency acceptors. You can put in a bill right into the assigned slot, with the equivalent amount of credits are being displayed on the meter. While you are playing reel-spinning slots, you should hit the button “play one credit,” till you arrive at the number of coins that you would like to play.

After that you go along and push the button “spin reels”, or turn the handle if there is one. If you press the button “play max credits”, it then plays the maximum coins that are permitted on the machine.

Several reel-spinning slot machines sport a line of single payout, displayed on the glass fixed on the reel front. Some come with payout lines of three, five, etc., corresponding to the coin you have played. In fact, what determines your winning is the symbols that come to a halt on the payout line. The standard symbols are bars, cherries, double bars, as well as sevens.

Playing Video Slots

While playing video slots, you should hit the button that activates the number of pay lines, and another button for the sum of credits you bet on per line. Some video slots come with a configuration of as much as nine pay lines, and you can wager 1-5 credits on them. There are also video slots that come with pay lines to the tune of 5, 15, 20, 25, 50, etc. that will accept a maximum of 25 coins for every line.

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